Railway transportation from China

This method of cargo transportation is in demand among the representatives of medium and small businesses, as well as large trading and manufacturing companies. Railway links are equally well used for the transport of large quantities of goods and for the delivery of general cargo. Stable operation of railway networks is an additional guarantee of safety and timely delivery of goods over long distances.

The peculiarities of delivery

There are many convincing arguments in favor of choosing a railroad as a way of cargo transportation:

  • high efficiency of delivery, taking into account the large distances between the points of departure and destination;
  • the work of transport on a strict and streamlined schedule;
  • independence from the climatic conditions in which rail transportation is carried out;
  • the ability to deliver products of various categories;
  • high safety and convenience of this method of transportation and the ability to  monitor throughout the entire route of the train.

The advantages of cooperation with Importhelp

We provide comprehensive services for the delivery of goods "on a turn-key basis", organizing a safe and profitable transportation. Enjoy the benefits of our offer:

  • individual logistics solutions for each client;
  • customs clearance of goods, insurance and consultation on foreign economic activity;
  • quick calculation of delivery costs and submission of a guaranteed price;
  • constant client awareness of the location of the goods;
  • delivery “on a turn-key” basis within 24 days.

Our experience in the field of transportation allows you to cope with transport issues of any complexity!

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