Multimodal transportation

One of the core activities of the company is multimodal transportation of goods. We work with goods transported in import and export modes, finding an individual solution for each customer. 7 years of practical experience and established relationship with foreign partners allow us to efficiently and quickly perform tasks of different complexity. Referring to us, you get comprehensive solutions, preventing yourself from the troubles, waste of time and nerves. The whole process of multimodal delivery will be controlled by experienced specialists, instantly reacting to possible changes.

The peculiarities of the service

Multimodal or mixed transportation of goods is carried out with the involvement of various types of transport: air, rail, sea, road. In this case, the combination can be any: auto-air-auto, auto-sea-auto, auto-r/w-auto.
This type of international transportation is optimal for the delivery “on a turn-key basis”, which allows you to:

  • transport cargo from the supplier's warehouse to the recipient's warehouse;
  • reduce delivery time and minimize financial expenses due to well-organized logistics;
  • optimize the route, choose the optimal border crossing points;
  • deliver goods to any point on Earth.

Cooperating with one executor, you save money and time.

The advantages of cooperation with Importhelp

Referring to us, you get:

  • high-quality transportation in compliance with the specifics of the product;
  • met deadlines;
  • turn-key integrated solution, including customs clearance;
  • fixed price for services;
  • guaranteed safety of goods;
  • round-the-clock information on the location of the goods;
  • warehouse logistics.

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