If you are looking for a reliable and time-tested company in the field of container shipping, we will be glad to see you as clients of Importhelp. We work with more than 100 countries, finding individual solutions for each customer. You can entrust us the transportation of complete and consolidated cargo, receiving a solution that will suit you in terms of efficiency, quality and services cost.

The Peculiarities of Delivery

Container shipping is carried out in several stages:

  • cargo analysis: type, place and time of delivery, presence or absence of accompanying documentation;
  • collection and preparation of all necessary documents for transportation and customs clearance of goods;
  • booking a container, including its delivery to the agreed place for loading;
  • freight of the part of the ship;
  • packaging and product placement;
  • moving the container to the place of dispatch;
  • customs clearance;
  • unloading work;
  • delivery to the recipient.

The advantages of container shipping are as follows: minimal delivery costs, increased reliability, safety, almost zero risk of loss and damage to the goods. Regarding this pros, the increased transportation time does not seem so significant.

The advantages of cooperation with Importhelp

Key advantages of our company:

  • well-established logistic schemes;
  • established relationship with international partners;
  • good rates in combination with loyal pricing;
  • support of transportation process at each stage;
  • paperwork;
  • customs clearance;
  • contractual fee for the carriage of goods on a chartered vessel;
  • individual cost calculation for each client.

These are far not all the advantages of our company. Contact us personally for services and get a professional solution to your issue with benefit and convenience for yourself.

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