Since 2011, IMPORTHELP has been solving issues in the field of procurement and transport logistics. Our expertise and life experience allow us to find individual solutions for each customer in terms of optimizing material costs and speed of orders accomplishment in 127 countries. Use our service “FEA Manager” - and you will not have to delve into all the nuances, spend time and efforts on such an important component of your business as import and export. Focus on the profile functions of your company, and we will take care of all the issues related to your foreign economic activity!

Our solutions for foreign trade outsourcing:

  1. Search for suppliers in the countries of Asia, Europe and America;
  2. Assistance in negotiating with suppliers regarding the provision of optimal conditions for cooperation for you, including delivery conditions, payment terms, liability of the parties and obtaining exclusivity in Ukraine;
  3. Placing an order and monitoring its implementation, which includes receiving information from the supplier regarding the availability of the necessary assortment of goods and the terms of production
  4. Requesting the proforma invoice from the supplier, its verification and coordination with you, pricing verification (discounts, bonuses, etc.);
  5. Assistance in making payments abroad;
  6. Obtaining packaging data and developing the delivery route on its basis, agreeing on the cost of a range of services, monitoring (at your request) the cost of services of other logistics companies;
  7. Control of the shipment process - terms and conditions;
  8. Receipt of documents for shipment - invoice, packing, bill of lading, certificates of origin, etc., verification of the correctness of their maintanance;
  9. Monitoring the delivery process and monitoring compliance with deadlines;
  10. Determination of customs duties and competent calculation of customs payments;
  11. Assistance in obtaining permits required for the sale of goods in Ukraine and other countries;
  12. Control of cargo delivery to your warehouse.

The advantages of a remote import manager from our company can hardly be underestimated, because we are ready to offer you:

  • Our rich practical experience and expertise - since 2011 we have successfully implemented 1217 cases of our clients;
  • Professional consultations in the field of foreign trade activities - a team of professionals will work on your tasks;
  • Competent determination of the purchase appropriateness concerning certain goods in the context of procurement and transport logistics;
  • Continuous monitoring of compliance with the cost and timing of your order.

Significantly save your money - at least 10,000 UAH, and more importantly, time, because it takes about 5 hours a day and 400 hours a month to ensure the procurement process according to competence of 1 manager.
Entrusting us the above responsibilities, you save yourself from a lot of problems and hassle. You do not need to include a foreign trade manager in the staff, pay him regular salaries and social benefits. The average salary of a full-time foreign trade manager is 16000-18000 UAH. Our offer is twice as profitable - we offer you to use the services of our foreign trade managers for 8000 UAH per month. Interesting suggestion, right?! Contact us and welcome aboard! It's quite simple - the website shows all the contact information that will be needed to contact us - we are looking forward to seeing you! Or we can make it even easier - you just need to click on the button below.

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