The company Importhelp offers a full range of services for the delivery of cargo "on a turn-key basis", door-to-door from 127 countries of the world. We work in this market from 2011 year, and are thoroughly familiar with its specifics. This allows us to find individual, the most profitable solutions for each client. If you refer to such a proven carrier as we are, you get professional help in importing at a fixed price.

Peculiarities of delivery

Our company offers a full range of logistics services, including directly transportation, customs clearance and freight forwarding.
Among the features of general cargo delivery "on the turnkey basis", should be  highlighted:

  • the possibility of transportation of small volumes of goods, ranging from 50 kg;
  • transportation of stackable and non-stackable goods (boxes, rolls, on standard and euro pallets), the use of refs and thermoses;
  • full control over the entrusted product, starting from the moment of its collection and up to direct delivery to the recipient;
  • optimization of transportation costs, eliminating the need to order the entire container;
  • delivery by various modes of transport: sea, rail, road, air.

The benefits of cooperation with Importhelp

When you refer to us, you get:

  • financial guarantees regarding the observance of delivery terms;
  • financial responsibility for the integrity and safety of entrusted cargo;
  • fixed cost, excluding unforeseen expenses and surcharges;
  • round-the-clock information about the location of the goods;
  • loyal price policy;
  • transportation efficiency;
  • optimal cost of transportation for a variety of product groups: household appliances, clothing, cosmetics, spare parts, oils, accessories, etc.
  • individual solutions for each client.

Our experts will competently consult, calculate the cost of services and suggest ways to economize on delivery!

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